Linden Dollar Exchange, Received $60.74 USD From Second Life Via VirWoX

Second Life | Posted by Melo (Last modified on November 17, 2013)

Last February 14 of this year, I received or cashed out $60.74 USD from Second Life via VirWoX Linden Dollar Exchange. Before Linden Lab changed its policy on third party Linden Dollar Exchanges, I always use VirWoX to cash out or withdraw my money from Second Life.

Linden Dollar Exchange, Received $60.74 USD From Second Life Via VirWoX

VirWoX is an authorized third party Linden Dollar Exchange in Second Life. Previously, you can buy and sell Linden Dollars in VirWoX but not anymore. Right now, third party Linden Dollar Exchanges in Second Life are only authorized to sell Linden Dollars. They are no longer allowed to buy Linden Dollars from Second Life residents. Read the rest of this entry »

March 28, 2013

Received $122.17 USD From Bubblews This February, 2013

Bubblews | Posted by Melo (Last modified on March 28, 2013)

My first redemption from Bubblews took almost two weeks. I don’t know why it took that long because Bubblews never told me anything. I had to seek the help of other members who are close to the CEO of Bubblews to get his/their attention and it worked. The CEO contacted me and my first redemption was paid.

Bubblews PayPal Payment!

My succeeding redemptions went smoothly and, for the month of February 2013, the total amount of money I made in Bubblews was $122.17 USD. Not bad right? All I did was write or post short articles or stories in Bubblews and I made some money from it. Read the rest of this entry »

January 29, 2013

Is Bubblews A Scam?

Spams and Scams | Posted by Melo (Last modified on February 26, 2013)
Is Bubblews A Scam?

Why I asked the question, is Bubblews a scam, is because Bubblews hasn’t responded to my redemption requests and to any of my inquiries or follow-ups.

January 26, 2013

Making Money With Bubblews, Easy And Simple

Show Me The Money | Posted by Melo (Last modified on January 26, 2013)
Making Money with Bubblews

Making money with Bubblews is very easy and very simple to do. Just share anything that you find interesting and Bubblews will pay you for it.

October 26, 2012

Cashed Out $405.58 USD In Second Life Via VirWoX

Second Life | Posted by Melo (Last modified on October 26, 2012)
Second Life Payment Proof

Making money in Second Life is not very difficult. In fact, I cashed out a total of $405.58 USD in six months without doing anything and without spending anything. Second Life is a 3D Virtual World where anything is possible. Join now, it’s FREE!