Sunday, November 17, 2013

Last February 14 of this year, I received or cashed out $60.74 USD from Second Life via VirWoX Linden Dollar Exchange. Before Linden Lab changed its policy on third party Linden Dollar Exchanges, I always use VirWoX to cash out or withdraw my money from Second Life.

Linden Dollar Exchange, Received $60.74 USD From Second Life Via VirWoX

VirWoX is an authorized third party Linden Dollar Exchange in Second Life. Previously, you can buy and sell Linden Dollars in VirWoX but not anymore. Right now, third party Linden Dollar Exchanges in Second Life are only authorized to sell Linden Dollars. They are no longer allowed to buy Linden Dollars from Second Life residents.

When I cashed out this $60.74 USD, third party Linden Dollar Exchanges like VirWoX were still allowed to buy Linden Dollars from Second Life residents like myself. Now, if I want to exchange my Linden Dollars to US Dollars and cash it out then I need to do it in Second Life's official Linden Dollar Exchange which is the LindeX™.

Earning $60.74 USD is easy specially if you know what you're doing. In my case, I used to build items in Second Life and I sell this items to other Second Life residents. I don't build that many items anymore but my old items are still getting sold in the marketplace and that's how I'm making my Linden Dollars in-world.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

The last time I posted about cashing out money from Second Life via VirWoX was last April 2012 where I cashed out $151.88 USD. Obviously, that wasn't the last time because I also cashed out money in the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. In those six months, I cashed out a total of $405.58 USD.

Second Life Payment Proof
(More payment proofs from Second Life are available at the end of the post.)

Compared to other bloggers who are making money online, $405.58 USD is not a very big amount. Well, it may not be a big amount but I'm still very happy with it because I made that money without doing anything. That money came from selling all the Linden Dollars I earned in Second Life to VirWoX which is an authorized third party Linden Dollar Exchange.

Making money in Second Life is not difficult but it's also not easy. Anyone interested in making money in Second Life must find where they're good at and focus on it. I'm not really good at anything but I did learn how to create or build simple items in Second Life and I get my money or Linden Dollars from selling these items to other people or members.

Once I have enough Linden Dollars, I would transfer it to my VirWoX account and sell it for real money. The amount of money I get from selling Linden Dollars in VirWoX depends on the exchange rate and the amount of Linden Dollars. If I have thousands of Linden Dollars to sell then I might get a lot of money from selling it specially if the exchange rate is high.

Anyway, below is a breakdown of how much I got from Second Life via VirWoX for each of the month (from May to October).
  • May - $48.98 USD

  • June - $45.06 USD

  • July 7 - $72.50 USD

  • July 23 - $36.24 USD

  • August - $53.88 USD

  • September - $76.42 USD

  • October - $72.50 USD
Here are the screenshots of the payment which I received in my PayPal account.

Second Life Payment Proof Second Life Payment Proof

Second Life Payment Proof Second Life Payment Proof

Second Life Payment Proof Second Life Payment Proof

You will notice that the payments came from Virtual World Services GmbH. It's the name of the company that's running VirWoX. You won't see any mention of Second Life in the payments because VirWoX is not owned by Second Life but it's authorized to Buy and Sell Linden Dollars.

I could sell my Linden Dollars directly to Second Life through the official Linden Dollar Exchange but directly cashing out of Second Life takes many days while it only takes a few minutes with VirWoX. That's also the reason why many residents or Second Life members use third party Linden Dollar Exchanges like VirWoX instead of the official Linden Dollar Exchange.

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