League Of Legends Ashe Gameplay ☠ First Time Playing ☠ Victory Against Bots

League Of Legends Ashe Gameplay ☠ First Time Playing ☠ Victory Against Bots

League Of Legends Ashe Gameplay ☠ First Time Playing ☠ Victory Against Bots

What's going on my fellow NOOBS! I'm The Old Noob Gamer and I just played League of Legends for the very first time.

As an Old Noob Gamer, I don't often enjoy playing modern games but, today, I decided to give League of Legends a try and, I must admit, I enjoyed it very much.

Because it was my first time playing, I was not able to play against other human players but instead I got to play a cooperative game with fellow human players against computer controlled champions or bots.

The champion that I selected for this first match was Ashe because she was available in champion's list and she also looked somewhat cool and deadly.

Obviously, I did not know how to use Ashe but I was able to get through the game by simply following the instructions displayed on screen and using recommended items.

Fortunately, the bot champions were very easy to beat and that gave me enough space to practice and get use to playing League of Legends which is not very different from DotA or DotA 2.

Early in the match, I faced off against Alistar Bot and Exreal Bot but they were no match for my amazing noobish skills. I was killing then like they were just standing there.

Unfortunately, after getting 9 kills, I got greedy and I was killed by Ryze Bot. Later, I was killed again after getting my 15th kill.

At that point the game was over. My team mates and our super minions took down the enemy team's Nexus while I was running back to join them after respawing.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable game. I'm sure the experience will be very different against other Human Players but, for now, I'll just enjoy fighting against bots and gaining more experience as an Old Noob MOBA Gamer.

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I'm The Old Noob Gamer and I've been playing games since the 1980s. Unfortunately, since I'm The Old Noob Gamer, I can no longer compete with younger players or gamers today but that has never stopped me from playing and enjoying various computer or video games!
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