Linkrealms ☠ Beta Key Received

Linkrealms ☠ Beta Key Received

What's going on NOOBS! I'm The Old Noob Gamer and I'm here to tell you younglings that I got a Linkrealms Beta Key for simply sharing Linkrelams to all of you.

Linkrealms ☠ Beta Key Received

If you young ones don't know yet then I will tell you that Linkrealms is an old-school style sandbox MMORPG developed in the style of classic games like Ultima Online.

If you loved Ultima Online back in the nineties then you'll definitely love Linkrealms because it has all the elements that made Ultima Online popular like the open class system, open PvP, open looting and open almost everything.

With that said, Linkrealms is not for the non-hardcore fans because it will just frustrate them and they will just give this game a bad review or rating in Steam which is very unfair.

Unfortunately, I have not played the game yet because I just got my Free Linkrealms Beta Key but I'm not too worried about getting frustrated because I grew up playing frustrating games like the Ghostbusters game in Nintendo.

Of course, if you don't mind playing a possible frustrating game then check out Linkrealms. The game is currently in Early Access in Steam but don't give it a bad rating just because you feel it's hard to play.
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