XBOX E3 ☠ XBOX Scorpio Revealed ☠ Left The Competition Behind

XBOX E3 ☠ XBOX Scorpio Revealed ☠ Left The Competition Behind

What's going on NOOBS! I'm The Old Noob Gamer and I just learned that XBOX has an upcoming new gaming console and it's called XBOX Scorpio.

XBOX E3 ☠ XBOX Scorpio Revealed ☠ Left The Competition Behind

In all these years, I've never enjoyed a gaming console as much as I enjoyed my Nintendo or NES and my Playstation 1 or PS One.

Actually, I've never owned any other gaming console except those two because the games has become more and more leaning towards graphics.

Both, the XBOX One and the PS4 have revolutionized gaming with magnificent graphics and amazing storytelling never before seen in gaming but I still enjoy playing my old games like Battle City and Excite Bike.

Now, XBOX is jumping ahead of its competition with XBOX Scorpio and it will focus on delivering 4K graphics and more realness to virtual reality which is what everyone is raving about these days.

Next year, everyone including their dogs and cats will buy or get XBOX Scorpio, leaving their old XBOX One and PS 4 gaming consoles to rot in dust.

Well, if you're going to get this new XBOX Scorpio next year and you have no place to store your old gaming consoles then I'll be more than happy to take them from you.

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I'm The Old Noob Gamer and I've been playing games since the 1980s. Unfortunately, since I'm The Old Noob Gamer, I can no longer compete with younger players or gamers today but that has never stopped me from playing and enjoying various computer or video games!
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